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    guess people here already know about my nick


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    guess people here already know about my nick

    Post  SGBOCHUP on Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:32 am

    i dont play arcade often already anyway

    so just to say is only a rare chance that u will get to see me in arcade if im outside.

    but it seems my score has been pushed down due to spamming of same songs im tired of it:sleep:

    for PIU PRO different stories man! if u think PIU PRO is some sort of waste give me your valid reasons which
    can keep me quiet lol!

    NX challenge total score, PRO every song meant for each scoring u have.

    to justin:challenge scoring is the main. dont ask me challenge total score that wont work if u good at one song and it pulls u up rabbit

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    Re: guess people here already know about my nick

    Post  Justin-Speeder on Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:01 am

    Yes, we know you.
    You're almost legendary, especially since Roxas said that you were good.
    Even HE wanted to see you, not sure if he did, He's in Indonesia already.

    He can play Chimera/CZ
    7 skulls.

    I understand why you're tired of 'the same songs'.
    I almost quit Pump last time because it was 'the same songs'.

    Since you prefer Pro..
    I do believe that Pro has 'expansion packs'.
    Each expansion pack/kit adds new songs and charts into the machine,
    Like stepmania =)

    If you have connections with the TimeZone head, you could convince them to get the expansion kits,
    They're relatively cheap, last I heard.

    My reasons for thinking why PIU pro is a waste of credits.
    I know, you've been waiting for this =)
    BUT, don't flame me for typing these, they're my opinions.

    1) Pro removes many of the the Pump elements that makes Pump what it is
    I could expand on this:
    The 'options' button.
    It's no longer fun anymore when you select modifiers and shit with crappy buttons.
    Not sure how you feel about this.

    The level scale.
    Using the old scale that Pump used?
    Pump has now changed its scale to stars and skulls, and I actually prefer those.
    It adds to the overall interface and graphics, aesthetics and appeal.

    The scoring system.
    Don't read this if you'll get offended.
    I actually prefer the slacked scoring and combo-based scoring system.
    Pro is like DDR, removing another Pump element.
    The scoring is too elitist.

    The graphics, interface, individual stations, and shit.
    IMHO, Pro's graphics suck.
    The interface, the selection screen, the song stats, the scoring board, the Hi-Score board, everything.
    Down to the "Enter your name"
    It's so easy to get an "Enter your name" in Pro because it is based on each song, correct?
    With Pump, You have to work real hard to get an "enter your name", it's a Pump-thing, Because it only happens when you try to get the Hi-Score or do well.
    It's rare to see Pumpers who are capable of getting that sound out of the damned NX-machine,
    It brings pride xD

    The sounds.
    Yes, it plays a major role.
    The Dadadadada-DUM!
    "Yea! I know you can!"
    In NX makes it so much more rewarding to have played well for a particularly hard song.
    I think Pro doesn't have any sounds which I was fond of.
    The "Hit Me!" is classic,
    Down to the "hey! Why don't you just get up and dance, man!?"
    It all plays a part of what Pump is.

    No WorldTour.
    Yes, that sux major ballz =x
    Oops, not allowed to say that, in case the small kids read this and learn from me xD
    It's another Integral part of Pump!

    The Song selection.
    Pro steals. Period.
    But I'll expand.
    With so many songs from ITG and (Not Sure) DDR, and a few Pump songs,
    Pro is no longer "Pump" to me, it's Stepmania in the arcade.
    That sucks shit.
    Pro also uses main-stream songs from America, wtf, what kind of bull is that?
    That's not taking care of the Pump fan-base or improving the system!
    It's just getting lil' Pampered lollipop-raver-wannabes to waste one credit to play that fav. song.
    It's neglecting the fan-base.
    I do believe it is why DDR is failing now,
    Because it hasn't taken care of its fan-base properly.

    The overall feel.
    I don't know about you, but it feels different when I Pump on Pro,
    gives me a bad feeling, no excitement xD

    2)Pro doesn't have a proper community, and a lousy one if it does
    Pump is Pump, Pro is Pro.
    Most of the Pump community here, and elsewhere, Russia, America, (YES! Even the people who made it, hate it!) Indonesia and Mexico reject Pro as a "Mix".

    Some sources even say that Andamiro-Korea has refused to acknowledge it as a "Mix".
    Andamiro USA Phailed.

    Oh, and it has been confirmed that PIU Pro is Stepmania 4.0 in an NX-FX Cabinet.
    You're better off with a Pump pad and Stepmania on your PC.

    Pump is less elitist, there have been jokes circulating around the net that all DDR players are all crappy, anti-social elitists.
    I wonder who made that joke, I know it wasn't the Pump community that started it.

    To tell the truth, I do agree that most DDR players are elitist bastards.
    Most, not all. Most of the dudes will only talk to you if you're good at something.
    Try to learn, and they shun you.
    I almost loved DDR a few years back, till the community laughed at me and said to "give up".

    Well, Pumpers, it seems, appear to be friendly and open, I wonder why? o.0

    Only 2 MAIN reasons,
    But many reasons behind the main thing.

    The summary of all my reasons are just the community and the removal of the "Pump" element.
    Mainly, the Pump element.

    Pro is indeed "DDR with 5 arrows".
    NX, is Pump.

    Just like..

    DDR is a purple grape.
    Pro is a green grape.
    Pump is an apple.


    Over here, you can talk about Pro, maybe DDR, and praise it,
    But just don't say NX sux and I'll be happy =)

    I understand you want to challenge based on the individual score for each song.
    That's how I used to challenge my rivals last time,
    After each song, we'll see who scored more, Best 3-out-of-4 WINS.

    You can play like that in both Pump and Pro.
    But, I don't mind going to Pro just to Pump with you.

    Beggar can't be picky,
    I'm begging for a rival that's much better than me.

    I hope you do read all of this, I spent a lot of time typing this shit up afro

    Cited source for PIU pro being Stepmania 4:
    Phrase:Video game series In the Groove and Pump It Up Pro/Jump use StepMania as their game engine.

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    Re: guess people here already know about my nick

    Post  SGBOCHUP on Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:48 am

    sorry just read your post lol..

    as you can see, NX skulls and stars cannot represent exact the hardnest of the song will be. example what's going on, NX shows only 4.5stars Pro shows CZ lvl 9 and most people played on NX maybe your friends too, they may not understand why 4.5stars have to turn front and back brought the confusion of the new players be come.

    that's why i left NX for Pro as my ONE of the reason Smile

    SECOND reason: i'm a DDR player as you got some info about me. people like Joanne, Louis they're my group of friends that focus on % or scoring instead of freestyle. reason is DDR longer than PIU games if we switch we wont be dancing freestyle that much instead of proper step arrows.

    about me
    when i was your age, i freestyling DDR. later on i hop into break dancing hiphop and etc and as years has gone, i stopped dancing due to bzness that i never dance anymore Smile im not active in freestyle cause my partner left me.

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    Re: guess people here already know about my nick

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